On November 13, 1982, a small group of members of Tabernacle Baptist Church, one of the oldest Black Baptist churches in the State of Oklahoma, met in the home of Brother and Sister Leon Scobey to discuss some concerns about the direction of the church.  Sister Sarah Glover lent encouragement and guidance to keep the group together.  After several months of meetings with the pastor and church officers, concerns multiplied and no resolution was in sight.

  By August 1983, thirty-five members organized into a formal group for the purpose of worshipping and to continue seeking direction.  Brother William Potts consulted with Rev. Jackson Cheadle, Pastor of the Community Baptist Church and a long-time friend.  We were given permission to worship and to hold meetings in the fellowship hall of Community Church.  During these meetings, the Northeast Baptist Council was formed and officers were elected.
          Bro. William Potts, Chairman
          Bro. Willard Moore, Secretary
          Sis. Odette Scobey, Secretary (succeeding Bro. Moore)
          Bro. Morris Scobey, Treasurer
          Sis. Amye G. Carter, Financial Secretary
   A board of overseers comprised of deacons and trustees became the governing body.  Operational guidelines were developed.  Ministers from across the city provided spiritual counsel, leadership and pastoral care during this period.
First Church   The Council members felt led by God to continue seeking solutions.  On September 19, 1983, the E. J. Perry Ensemble presented a concert to a full house, raising more than a thousand dollars to benefit the Northeast Baptist Council.  Brother Alwin Moore, owner of Lamoor’s Beauty Supply, invited the Council to  hold its business meetings in the shop as negotiations began for a permanent worship place.  A short-term lease was secured for a church building on Northeast Third and Lindsay Streets where the Council began to worship service on November 6, 1983.
  Nine days later, on Tuesday evening, November 15, 1983, a meeting was called to consider formally organizing a church.  After the vote was taken, fifty-five Christians with eight deacons and a council of ministers, organized the Northeast Baptist Church.  Ministers who organized the church were:
          Rev. Eric Mayes, Past Moderator, East Zion District; Pastor, Unity Baptist Church
          Rev. Wilburn Bruner, Pastor, Canon Baptist Church
          Rev. Dewitt Roland, Pastor, St. Luke Baptist Church
          Rev. Jackson Cheadle, Pastor, Community Baptist Church
The church was organized to:  1)  worship God, not man.  2)  proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ who comes to provide salvation for man.  3)  lead persons to the knowledge and acceptance of Jesus Christ and Lord; to teach and train the church’s membership and help them develop toward full Christian maturity.  4)  minister to the needs of man.
The following members were elected as officers.
          William Potts, Chairman of Deacons
          Odette Scobey, Church Clerk
          Juanita Perry, WMU President
          Lee Fleming, Brotherhood President
          Morris Scobey Sr., Treasurer
          Amye G. Carter, Financial Secretary
          Roy Hardmond, Sunday School Superintendent
          Willie Renchie, BTU Director
           Thomas W. Morris, Chairman of Trustees
    With words of encouragement and caution from each member of the ministerial council, the Northeast Missionary Baptist Church was eager to move forward with fifty-five members.  Each member, who personally signed the official record book, was identified as “Founders”.  They were:
Wert E. McMurray Phyllis Morris William Potts
Amye G. Carter Thomas W. Morris Willard Moore
Mellie C. Osborne Lisa M. Morris Audrey Moore
Henry Lurks Mary D. Morris Moses F. Miller
Viola Cooper Leon Scobey, Sr. Jeanette Miller
Alwin C. Moore Leon Scobey, Jr. Lee E. Fleming
LaKeesha Robinson Morris Scobey, Sr. Robbie C. Fleming
William Glover Sarah Glover ShaRonde Robinson
Joan Diggs Ethel Smith Isabel L. Nelson
William G. Jackson Charlotte Wilson Ann Scobey
Cozella Jackson Lillie P. Miles Joe Spigner
Cornelius Diggs Sandra Davis Roy Hardmond
Carolyn S. Robinson Allie Tillman Allean V. McMurray
Anna F. Harbert Odette M. Scobey Herman R. Macklin
Juanita Perry Willie Renchie Willie B. Carter
Sandra L. Harbert Sam Burleson Carletta Potts
Billie Johnson Frank Scobey Eula Mitchell
Alma J. Fortune Blanche Clardy Evelyn L. Pittman
Ed Hill
  Hearts were full of love, spiritual vigor and enthusiasm.  The Sanctuary Choir was formed with Sister Evelyn L. Pittman as directress and Sister Isabel Nelson as pianist.  Two pianos, communion serving pieces, collection table, collection plates and hymn books were donated for the sanctuary, and furniture was donated for the fellowship hall.
  A decision was made not to buy the building at Northeast Third and Lindsay Streets.  An arrangement was made wit the motel at Interstate 35 and Martin Luther King Boulevard to rent space for worship.  In February 1984, the church began holding worship services on Sundays at the Quality Inn, while midweek services and other meetings were held at Lamoor’s Beauty Supply and in homes.  Choir rehersals were held in Sister Pittman’s studio.
   On July 15, 1984, God assigned and the church extended the pastoral call to Rev. Arthur E. Williams of Tyler, Texas.  Rev. Williams accepted the call and began as the pastor on August 15, 1984.  He was prayerfully and duly installed on October 14, 1984 in a service held at the Fifth Street Baptist Church with Rev. Eric Mayes officiating.  Rev Williams served until he resigned on October 26, 1988.
  On May 20, 1984, the church voted and was incorporated by the State of Oklahoma on June 29, 1984.  This process was necessary in order to conduct business with the appropriate legal status.
Ground breaking ceremonies were held on a nine acre tract of land located at 3815 North Bartel Road in Forest Park in August 1986.  Construction of the worship facility begain in June 1987 and was completed for the first worship service on November 29, 1987.
     Reverend Willie H. Widemon served as Interim Pastor of the church from November 21, 1988 until June 1990 while also attending medical school at the University of Oklahoma.  Under his leadership, the church continued to develop spiritually and “Look Daily Unto Jesus“.
Reverend Wallace C. Youngblood accepted the call to pastor the church on October 14, 1990 and served faithfully through early 1996.  Under his leadership, emphasis was place on evangelism, Bible study, leadership training, and youth ministry.  Sunday School attendance increased and the membership grew “For the People Had a Mind to Work“.
    Northeast was without a pastor for one year.  During this period, several ministers shared the Gospel with Northeast until Reverend Henry J. Hawkins was selected to serve as Supply Pastor.
Reverend Lee A. Denson of Terrell, Texas was called and began his pastorate in August 1997.  His leadership brought a spiritual awakending with a focus of restoration, equipping, affirming, commitment and healing the saved and unsaved.  The church continued to be a beacon in the community as “The Church with Ministering Hands“.
    The mortgage on the church and the parsonage were paid out on April 1, 2005 and on May 22, 2005, a Mortgage Burning Thanksgiving Service was held.  The “First Fruits” were shared with the New Covenant Church and Canon Baptist Church.
    After a brief illness, the Lord called Reverend Denson to his heavenly home in May, 2007.  During this time of grief, pastoral search and transition, several ministers preached messages of God’s healing and restoring and His Gospel as told in His word.
    April 2, 2008, the church called as its pastor, the Reverend Michael McDaniel.  In a short period of time, he has brought to Northeast an increase in membership and attendance in worship, new energy and a recommitment to the Lord’s work.  As we move forward in 2015, the vision is that as a church, we create “Membership That Matters”.