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Black Heritage Committee – seeks to foster the foundational knowledge and appreciation of our rich cultural heritage for the empowerment of our church, families and community.       

Christian Education Ministry – involves the administration and coordination of programs or strategies to facilitate the personal and spiritual growth of Believers which allows them to acquire the tools and skills needed to lead others to Christ, including Sunday School/New Members Course, Vacation Bible School, conferences, seminars, etc.   

College Ministry – provides spiritual and tangible support to members who are currently attending a college or university.  

Sunday School Ministry/New Member’s Course  -  offers educational, uplifting and edifying classes and other events for all members who are in various stages of their Christian development.  The Word of God is central to all manners of instruction and supplemental resources.  The New Member’s Course is an orientation process to help new members become firm in their commitment to Christ and identify where their gifts can best be used at Northeast Missionary Baptist Church.

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