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Benevolence Ministry – demonstrates God’s love for others through meeting the various needs of people, especially during bereavement, health-challenges and other life events.

Community & Social Action Ministry - provides information to members about political, economic, justice and other issues; encourage social action in our community by members and serve as a liaison for our church/pastor about community relations social matters. Reach this ministry via email:

Evangelism Ministry – believes and adheres to our Lord’s instructions in the “Great Commission” (Matthew 28:18-20) to go (as you live); teach (make disciples) and observe (obey) all that He has commanded.  It is therefore, the mission of this ministry to reach lost souls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and enhancing the faith of all Believers so that they can reach others.

Membership Ministry – provides for the needs of the congregation in various ways through special events, projects and regular activities.  We also update church roll, determine current number of members, contact those members that have not been seen recently. Reach this ministry via email:

Prison Ministry – provides support to and addresses the spiritual and other needs of incarcerated men and women and their families.

Van Ministry – provides transportation for our members and others who are visiting our church for various services and events and, on occasion, to special worship services and events.  

Visitation Ministry – ministry members make personal in-home or medical facility visits to members who are medically unable to attend church to encourage and pray for them.

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